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23 March Pakistan Day Quotes, SMS, Whatsapp Status

If you’re searching for 23 March Pakistan Day Quotes, SMS, WhatsApp Status, then you’ve come to the right place. Pakistan Day is commemorated on March 23rd and is also a public holiday in Pakistan. It is observed in line with the Pakistan Resolution, which was approved in Lahore in 1940. On March 23, 1940, hundreds of Muslims gathered in Minto Park for the annual session of the Muslim League, which was led by Quaid-e-Azam.


In this resolution, Muslims from the subcontinent told the British that they would not tolerate Hindu Raj in the subcontinent. They are not Hindus, and they desire independence. The problem in this region cannot be solved unless this problem is resolved. So they had this meeting and told the whole Subcontinent of what they want and what was best for everyone. On this page, you can view the Quotes, SMS, and WhatsApp status for March 23rd.


Pakistan Day Celebration 23 March – Pakistan Republic Day Quotes
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