Ahmad Javed Poetry in Urdu with Image

An Overview and Collection of Ahmad Javed Poetry in Urdu with Image

Ahmad Javaid (real name Javaid Ameer Usmani) (Urdu: احمد جاوید عثمانی). He is an influential religious personality residing in Lahore, Pakistan. He is well known for his books and lectures on religious, philosophical, sufistic and literary topics. His grasp of western and eastern intellectual traditions. His well-rootedness in the islamic intellectual and spiritual traditions is considered rare and valuable by many. He is also an accomplished poet., and writes poetry in Urdu, Persian, and English. He spent most of his career in Iqbal Academy Pakistan. (Wikipedia)

Ghazal and Poem of Ahmad Javed in Urdu

Ahmad Javed Quotes in Urdu, English, and Hindi on Life, Study, and Islam, with beautiful visuals Quotes that can motivate you to achieve better in your life. The Ahmad Javed spear of is powerful enough to transform your life. This collection is a collection of his words. We hope you enjoy this collection and will endeavor to lift our moods by sharing it with your friends.

English Romantic Poetry by Ahmad Javed including Sufi Poetry.  Javed Ahmad Poetry – Read Sad Ghazals. Two Line Sher on love & SMS Poetry written by Ahmad Javed.  Find Largest collection of Ghazals, Nazms.  Love Nazam in English Heart Broken Poetry. Two Line Sher on love & SMS Poetry written by Ahmad Javed. Sher, English Sad Poetry, . You can read 2 line poetry love. Inspirational Poetry by Ahmad Javed for Students. 2 line poetry romantic of Ahmad Javed with date of birth. educational biography, contact and pictures of great poet Ahmad Javed.

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