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Tasleemyaat, one of the top Islamic quotes providers in Pakistan, offers a wide range of quotes, including Quran-O-Hadees, Taib e Nabwi, Naat Sharif, Dua or Wazifay  and Motivational Speeches by Tasleem Raza. Not only that, but you can also find different top-notch Islamic Scholar Molana Rumi Quotes, Motivational Speakers like Qasim Ali Shah Quotes that touch your souls and refresh your mind, and you can learn a lot from this. Wasif Ali Wasif Quotes, Akbar Allahabadi poetry, Sheikh Saadi  Quotes , Ashfaq ahmed quotes & so on our only goal is to have a conversation with your soul. Tasleemyaat is an authentic source of Quotes from Mola Imam Ali.

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