Hazrat Ali Quotes in Urdu

An Overview and Collection of Hazrat Ali Quotes and Sayings

Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A) had the ideal upbringing since he spent his childhood with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So you can imagine Hazrat Ali’s character and how magnificent Hazrat Ali Quotes & Sayings were.

Each of Hazrat Ali’s sayings is very significant. Hazrat Ali Quotes inspire Muslims of all ages, as well as non-believers. The following are some of the most famous Hazrat Ali (RA) quotations, Hazrat Ali sayings, and Hazrat Ali teachings on how to conduct your life.

Best Islamic Shere Khuda Aaqa Wa Mola Imam Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib Quotes & Sayings In Roman Urdu, Hindi, And English | Aqwal E Zareen In Urdu | Quotations In Urdu

Who is Imam Ali (RA)?

Imam Ali (RA) was born on March 17, 599 AD in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and died on January 27, 661 AD in Kufa, Najaf, Iraq. His full name is Ali ibn Abi Talib, and he is also known as Imam Ali by others. Particularly among Shia Muslims, there are several compilations of Hazrat Ali’s life events and quotations He is well-known for his inspiring and motivating Islamic quotations and sayings. 

What importance do Hazrat Ali’s quotes and sayings have?

Because Allah bestowed immense wisdom on Hazrat Ali (R.A), his statements are widely circulated.  The Prophet PBUH highlighted Ali R.A’s significance numerous times.

“I am the house of wisdom (dar al-hikmah), and ‘Ali is its door,

Both Shias and Sunnis care about Hazrat Ali’s position. Islamic Quotes from Hazrat Ali are a source of spiritual guidance for Muslims. Throughout his life, he had the best ability to analyze any problem and always made the proper  Solution in every Situation.

Many individuals came to Hazrat Ali R.A,  to address their personal problems because they trusted his knowledge and knew that his judgments were always fair and honest. 

Khalifa E Rasool, amir Ul Momineen, Shere Khuda, Haider E Karrar. Fateh Khyber. Aaqa Wa Moula, Mola Mushkil Kusha. Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Anhu Ke Chand Farameen/Farman/Qol/Koul ko Paish kiya gaya ha . Allah Ta’ala Kehne Sunne Se Zyada Hum Sabko Amal Ki Naik Taufik Ata Kare.

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